Programming Skills One-o-One

I am embarking on a journey of learning how to program Java Swing Application, hence for the next 30 days, i am going to learn something new about the most popular programming language in the world. I hope you join me in this trip.

Before we start, let me tell a little bit about myself. My name is Edem Agbenyo, but my friend call me Edemone. I am a graduate from VVU, accra-Ghana; i have been a software developer for 5 years, I am currently working at Impeccable Solutions Inc.

For this set of tutorials, we are going to do hard coding; we will be writing Java Swing components code by hand. Though there are a lot of tools out there that can help us develop GUI(Graphical User Interface) without putting in a single line of code(windows Builder Pro).

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers will be the IDE we will be using throughout this tutorial, you can get it  for free.

Here is a link to all the swing visual components that we will use in this tutorial.  We will be covering some tricks and tips and you might not find on that page. But example code are available on those page.

We will be using Java 8, so for the rest of this  tutorial the java api docs is going to be our best friend until we complete this set of tutorial. All the classes and methods documentation are available to us there.

Tomorrow, we will set up our environment and get our hands dirty on our first SWING application. Until then i urge you to download the eclipse IDE and get use to the environment.



Life is all about setting up new target everyday and trying to reach. We need to be a better person everyday, by learning and applying what we learn to every area of life.